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    August 2022 Viewer's Guide

    Bring the stage to your home this month with a full schedule of theatrical performances including Much Ado About Nothing, Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I or the Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2022.


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    感受5G独特魅力 憧憬未来美好生活——2021年世界5G大会 ...:2021-11-21 · 展厅中,一个米粒大小的芯片颇为引人注目。“这是国内首颗5G NR Sub-6GHz n77滤波器芯片,仅1.6×0.8毫米,工作频率在3.3—4.2GHz之间,带宽高达900MHz,远超出传统声波滤波器技术的适用范围。”云塔电子联合创始人、首席运营官何军介绍说。

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